Chocolate Fountain Dipping Menu

Have a look at our yummy dipping treats! Which ones would you choose?

For a successful chocolate fountain hire experience a continuous supply of fresh, mouth-watering dipping treats, especially selected for you to choose from. The list is endless and below you will find 20 of our most popular items. We are pleased to offer you an unlimited selection of dipping varieties which will be elegantly displayed around the chocolate fountain surround in stylish black bowls.

♦ Strawberries

♦ Dairy Fudge

♦ Mini Doughnuts

♦ Coconut Macaroons

♦ Marshmallow

♦ Shortbread

♦ Oranges

♦ Jelly Babies

♦ Gingerbread People

♦ Chocolate brownies

♦ Pineapple

♦ Bananas

♦ Flapjacks

♦ Toffee

♦ Kiwi

♦ Chocolate Éclairs

♦ Dried Apricots

♦ Apples

♦ Melon

♦ Grapes

♦ Profiteroles

Food allergies – to the best of our knowledge the meals and products we supply do not contain genetically modified materials.  We are in contact with our suppliers who keep us updated as to the contents of the products they provide.  Please note some products may contain nuts, for further information contact us.